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Cogito, Ergo Sum. was founded to assist students and the community with their academic needs.  A great deal of attention is being devoted to present the academic materials in a simple and logical fashion.  No attempt has been made to present the academic materials in a comprehensive form, as given in textbooks, or provide proofs to the numerous theorems found in classroom lectures and related textbooks.


Academic Reviews contain sufficient materials for exam preparations, advanced placement tests, and self study.  In short, has taken the approach of "PROBLEM SOLVING BY EXAMPLES", which includes detailed solutions to each problem and outlines the most challenging points.


In addition to Academic Reviews, a fully automated test generator is available.  Students have the opportunity to take test(s) in any subject matters presented and receive their scores instantly.  As an integral part of learning process, test generator provides unlimited opportunities to enhance the learning speed, logical reasoning, and time management, factors which greatly influence test taking strategy and overall score.


Advertisement sections have also been introduced to facilitate students shopping activity and to minimize the total costs associated with schooling necessities. Occasionally, will offer promotional advertisement at no cost to students.






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